Monitoring technology : La perspective de bien-être du 21e siècle ? (en anglais)

What kind of monitoring technology has made you feel better? Did it have that effect in the long run? Was it perhaps the software that forced you to take a break or the step counter that notified you of your lack of movement? Or was it the professional chat tool through which you could keep in contact with your colleagues? Are these just gadgets or more? If more, can they help us in our pursuit of well-being?

This article will answer the questions just posed. We start with explaining what monitoring technology, well-being and monitoring technology for well-being are. Subsequently, the invasion of traditional occupational electronic performance monitoring (EPM) and information and communication technology (ICT) in the workplace are discussed and compared with monitoring technology for well-being. Derived from this analysis, five main challenges are identified, which have to vanish or be vanquished for monitoring technology for well-being to become mature. We close this article with a concise conclusion.